iPhone 13 orders from the Big Billion Days sale are being canceled by Flipkart

Did you order an iPhone 13 from Flipkart’s Big Billion Days promotion at a huge discount, only for Flipkart to cancel your order before the order reaches you? You’re not the only one, netizens are complaining that their orders were cancelled, and some are even asking for #BoycottFlipkart because of this issue.

The iPhone 13 was on sale at Flipkart Big Billion Days for less than Rs. 50,000, making it an excellent deal for anyone looking for an upgrade or a smartphone in this price range.

FIFA 23 release time – here’s when you can play the new football game

FIFA 23 release time is fast approaching, but there are a few ways to get into the game before its official release.

It is a very important occasion. FIFA 23 will be the last EA football game to be released under the official FIFA license, marking the end of the massive franchise. At least it’s ending on a high, with Ted Lasso appearing alongside a bunch of Marvel superheroes.

Roomba Combo j7+ may be the best robot to clean your house

iRobot, best known for its popular Roomba line of vacuum cleaners, has announced two major developments for 2022 – a major OS update and a new model with a unique retractable cleaning mechanism.

This news is the first major development we’ve seen from the manufacturer since news broke in August 2022 about your acquisition by Amazon. iRobot is also taking the time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its first Roomba robot in 2002.

Apple Watch Ultra durability test is hard to watch for all the right reasons

Everything about the Apple Watch Ultra is bigger. It has a bigger, brighter screen than the Apple Watch 8, a bigger battery, bigger buttons (and more), and a bigger capacity to handle the tough world of outdoor activities.

It can also take a punch, or at least a series of blows, from a small sledgehammer. In a recent video discovered by MacRumors, TechRax YouTuber (opens in new tab) gleefully smashes the new $799 / £849 / AU$1229 Apple Watch Ultra into pieces. It’s a pretty unrealistic durability test of the chunky 49mm wearable, but if you watch from start to finish you’ll discover some Ultra hard truths (in a good way).

This New WhatsApp Feature Could Make Google Meet and Zoom Obsolete

Sharing links to join calls is common in video conferencing apps like Google Meet and Zoom. Now WhatsApp is bringing a similar feature to its app called ‘Call Links’.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the feature on Facebook on Monday. He also announced that WhatsApp would begin testing encrypted video calls for up to 32 people. The call links feature will support both audio and video calls.

Croma Festival of Dreams Promotion: Best Deals on iPhones, Phones, TVs, Electronics and More

Croma dropped yesterday because it was hosting a special iPhone 13 deal for this festive season that rivaled one provided by Flipkart. The iPhone 13 special offer is back, along with other offers on the Croma Festival of Dreams sale.

Croma has already organized an early sale for the festive season and has had some excellent deals. But for the actual sale, Croma has some really good deals this time around, including deals on the iPhone 13, iPhone 12 mini, Samsung Galaxy M53, Iffalcon TVs, and more.

Card offer: what is it? How to claim it?

Just like the Amazon Great Indian Festival, the Croma Festival of Dreams sale also has card deals on sale. Croma has partnered with ICICI credit cards to offer you an instant 10% discount up to Rs. 3,000 on selected products. Some products have an instant discount on HDFC credit cards.

(Image credit: Chroma)

Croma Festival of Dreams sale: smartphone offers

Croma Festival of Dreams sale: TV offers

Chroma Early Bird Promotion: Audio Accessories Deals

The price of QD-OLED TVs could drop closer to regular OLED faster than expected

If you expect to see big drops in prices for OLED TVs over the next couple of years, it looks like you’ll be disappointed. According to a report by Display Supply Chain Consultants (via the electronics (opens in new tab) and OLED information (opens in new tab)), the two big makers of TV-sized OLED panels – LG Display and Samsung Display – will stop spending on new equipment to build these displays in 2023.

That price of the best OLED TVs has dropped a lot in recent years, largely due to major expansions in their creation – they’ve become more efficient and easier to mass-produce and, as a result, have become more popular. But, according to the DSCC report, this expansion won’t just slow down next year — it will stop entirely, spending nothing on increasing production.

Canceled: Peacock rules out its second ’90s reboot in 2022

Peacock executives have canceled the streaming service’s drama reboot Queer As Folk after just one season.

The new version of the drama only premiered in early June, with the entire first season dropping in one go. Unfortunately, Deadline reports that it has now been canceled and there will be no second season. (opens in new tab)

Google Photos users report ‘depressing’ corruption issue in older images

Using Google Photos as your primary photo cloud storage provider? So watch out! Several users have reported seeing unwanted discoloration, similar to a water stain, in their older image uploads.

The problem, which appears to be affecting files uploaded five or more years ago, has left a selection of photos disfigured with strange transparent lines and jumbled arrays of pixels. Google Photos users first flagged the issue in a Google Support Forum (opens in new tab)before similar comments emerged about reddit (opens in new tab).

Amazon’s Intel Raptor Lake Leak Suggests Some Expensive CPUs

Intel’s Raptor Lake processors might be a little more expensive than current-gen Alder Lake chips, at least going through some price leaks that surfaced on Amazon – but as always, there are serious caveats here.

Regular Twitter-based leaker @momomo_us has seen Intel’s Core i9-13900KF listed on Amazon UK, as well as the 13700K and 13700KF in addition to the 13600KF.