Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 Packed With Long-Awaited Premieres


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Of the confirmed games appearing in tonight’s showcase, the one I’m most looking forward to is The Callisto Protocol.

The third-person horror game launches as the spiritual successor to Dead Space, and while we have a reboot of this classic on the way from EA, I’m excited to see what a developer does when trying to take the series forward rather than just polishing it. what came before.

We were promised a deeper look at the Callisto Protocol on tonight’s show and hopefully that means some non-stop gameplay footage rather than a jumpscare-filled trailer. It would be great to walk away from this show and get a real sense of the space boots we’ll be stuffing when the game launches in December.

This is what we’ve seen of the gruesome horror so far:

We’ll have to keep watching the trailer and re-reading Shabana’s take on the game in the meantime.

A zombie on the beach in Dead Island 2

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A game that we strongly suspect will make an appearance, not because presenter Geoff Keighley has hinted at it or even because the developer has teased that it is Dead Island 2.

Last week, an Amazon listing for the game leaked a possible February release date, new screenshots, and game details that differed from what had been posted before. All this suggests that the game is about to reappear. What better place to come back from the dead than at a massive gaming convention?

Or maybe developer Dambuster Studios remains silent as the grave…

And we go!

Gamescom 2022 - Everywhere

(Image credit: Build a Rocket Boy)

The first trailer for the show is from the new studio founded by former Rockstar Producer Leslie Benzies.

The game is called Everywhere, and according to an onstage interview with Adam Whiting, the game’s assistant director, it will be a world where you “share” and “create”. The reveal is extremely vague and features many words like “immersive” and “cinematic”.

Personally, until the team shows a lot more of this, it’s hard to get excited about something that’s currently so confusing. That said, Everywhere will apparently be released next year.

Now we’re talking: the world premiere of Dune: Awakening. See it in action in the teaser below:

While details on the game from publisher Funcom are scarce, the trailer reveals that it will be an open-world survival MMO. Presumably managing your water will be a key part of survival, it would hardly be a game of Dune otherwise, but surviving on an Arrakis also means keeping away from the teeth of worms and the hands of the Harkonnens.

I look forward to hearing more about this one. I don’t really like MMOs, but anything that allows me to explore the world of Dune is welcome.

Gamescom 2022 - new PS5 controller

(Image credit: Sony)

While Sony isn’t at Gamescom this year, that hasn’t stopped it from appearing in the Opening Night Live showcase.

While a very brief trailer, Sony has revealed a new form of Dualsense wireless controller, the Dualsense Edge, a PS5 Pro Controller. Hopefully Sony will reveal more details soon, but for now, we can only take solace in the fact that it looks really gorgeous.

Gamescom 2022 - Callisto Protocol

(Image credit: Striking Distance)

The Callisto Protocol trailer is here and it’s suitably gory, showing not just dismemberments and mutations, but also a full close-up of a torso cut in half. What more could you want?

Gamescom 2022 - Legacy of Hogwarts

(Image credit: Portkey Games)

Skipping a few stories here, let’s get down to business: Hogwarts Legacy.

While the Harry Potter RPG has been delayed to 2023, tonight’s trailer reveals that the game will feature a branching story based on the choices you make not only in the main story, but also in your companions’ questlines.

Check it out here:

It looks like it will be up to you to embrace or reject the dark arts. Just like in life.

Gamescom 2022 - Sonic Frontiers

(Image credit: SEGA)

The other big game that we knew would be showcased on Opening Night Live was Sonic Frontiers, the open-world hedgehog game that looks most like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The trailer showed more of the world and some of Sonic’s new combat abilities. Take a look at the trailer below:

However, the main thing to take away from this trailer is the Sonic Frontier release date. We’ll be racing around the open world on November 8th.

Gamescom 2022 - Moonbreaker

(Image credit: Unknown Worlds)

The creators of Subnautica have unveiled their new game and it’s…unexpected.

Moonbreaker is set in a world created by fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, and sees you leading a small battle group of ten fighters in a turn-based strategy game.

See it in action in the trailer below:

A real highlight of the game is that all your units are treated like miniature figures, and the team has embraced this by building some really detailed painting tools, so you can make each of your characters unique.

It seems like an odd move for the creators of one of the best survival games for the up and chance genre, but developer Unknown Worlds didn’t start with survival games. His previous game, Natural Selection, was a multiplayer shooter/strategy hybrid. Clearly this is not a team to be labeled.

While I should probably only highlight the biggest news and announcements in this showcase, and the speed at which these trailers are dropping is clearly proving to be a challenge to keep up with, I won’t miss the opportunity to share the new Homeworld 3 trailer.

This absolute classic real-time strategy series has been lying dormant for a long time, and while the rights were bought by Gearbox over five years ago, we still haven’t seen the release of the long-awaited third game.

Still, the latest trailer is showing that it will be worth the wait. Just look at the thing:

A lot of great RTS games are coming back from the dead right now and I’m really happy about that. Age of Empires 4, Company of Heroes 3, the Command & Conquer remaster and now Homeworld 3 too. It’s a great time to be a ’90s RTS fan.

Telltale is back in force tonight, not just showing off the new Tales From The Borderlands, the long-awaited sequel to its Borderlands adventure game.

It was quite a surprise to discover that Borderlands was one of the most successful settings for a Telltale adventure series, especially the incredible work the team did with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us.

See it in action in the trailer below:

We also got a good look at Telltales’ new Expanse game. Set before the events of the book and TV series, the game will tell how some of the characters we know so well became who they are at the beginning of the story.

We cannot wait.

Gamescom 2022 - Age of Empires 4

(Image credit: Relic)

Another big reveal for strategy game fans, Microsoft’s upcoming expansion for Age of Empires 4 has been revealed in a new trailer, showing not only the new armies, but also letting us know when it will be released.

The Ottomans and Malians expansion adds both armies to the game on October 25th. Even better, it’s a free update. We will certainly hear more about how armies work in the coming weeks.

While release date reveals are something we could naturally expect from a showcase like Opening Night Live, and sometimes even news of delays, it’s not often that we hear about a game’s release date being pushed forward, but it’s the that we have here.

Warner Bros. has revealed that the co-op superhero Gotham Knights will be released earlier than expected. The news came at the end of a new trailer:

While this new Batman game isn’t from Rocksteady, the studio’s next game is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, spending more time in Gotham and in control of its superheroes should be a good time. And, of course, we don’t have to wait long, with Gotham Knights releasing on October 21st.

And, the game we’ve all been waiting for is closing the show: Dead Island 2.

I remember talking to Yager, the original developers of Dead Island 2 in 2014 about his plans for the open-world Zombie series. I think I also talked to Sumo Digital, the game’s next developers in 2017 about their plans for the game, and I’m looking forward to talking to Dambuster Studios about what exactly they’re doing with the reanimated carcass of this violent sandbox.

Also, what the hell took so long? And why did the team have to “build it from scratch”, as the developer says on stage?

Check out the new cinematic trailer below:

The game is still set in Los Angeles, it still sees you and your co-op friends taking on zombies with melee weapons (and some guns), so it hasn’t drastically changed the concept since its reveal in 2014.

The trailer also officially reveals that Dead Island 2’s release date is February 3rd.

As well as the cinematic trailer for Dead Island 2, developer Dambuster Studio showed off the game’s first images of the zombie hack ’em up. Just a warning, it’s very bloody.

We expect to see more of the game in action on the showfloor at Gamescom, so expect initial thoughts on Dead Island 2 later in the week.

Well, that’s all from the Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live showcase. while the big three – Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony – were basically absent from the show, and we lost all the major publishers like EA, Activision and Ubisoft, there were still some big hitters there.

Purely out of personal attachment to the series, my highlight was the debut of Homeworld 3, but there were other great games as well. Callisto’s Protocol and Hogwarts’ Legacy are still great. And, after the disappointing reboot of Saints Row, Dead Island 2 at least looks like an open-world game with a little color in its cheeks.

Keep checking Gaming this week for updates on all these games and more.

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